Python A.I Chatbot

Computer Programming

Libraries required for the ChatBot 


  • spaCy. spaCy is a library that is built particularly for developers to develop interactive NLP applications, which can effectively process and 'understand' enormous volumes of text. ...

  • PyNLPl. ...

  • NLTK. ...

  • DeepPavlov. ...

  • ChatterBot. ...

  • TextBlob.

name = input("enter your name")

print("hello", name)

for i in range (10000):

       chat=str(input("ask some question"))

     if chat == "what's your name":

         print("my name is zoya")

     if chat == "who made you":

        print("my name is Mohit")

     if chat == "what's your favourite dish":

        print("my fav dish is pav bhaji")


Mobile No. Tracking using Python

Mobile Phone

Libraries required for the this project 

  • import phonenumbers
    from phonenumbers

  • import carrier

  • import  geocoder

  • import timezone

mobileNo=input("Mobile no. with country code:")
print("Valid Mobile Number:",phonenumbers.is_valid_number(mobileNo))
print("Checking possibility of Number:",phonenumbers.is_possible_number(mobileNo))

Automate WhatsApp Messages                           With Python

what's appp image.jpg

Libraries required for the this project 

  • import  Python,

  • import Pycharm

  • import   Pywhatkit

import pywhatkit

pywhatkit.sendwhatmsg('+23457849000000', 'You are special in my heart, sweetie. Forever will you, darling.', 6, 06)

Get WIFI password quickly


Libraries required for the this project 

  • import subprocess

data = subprocess.check_output(['netsh', 'wlan', 'show', 'profiles']).decode('utf-8', errors="backslashreplace").split('\n')

profile = []
for i in data:
if "All User Profile" in i:

for i in profile:
results = subprocess.check_output(['netsh', 'wlan', 'show', 'profiles', i, "key=clear"]).decode('utf-8',errors="backslashreplace").split('\n')
result = []

for b in results:
if "Key Content" in b:

print("{:<30}| {:<}".format(i, result[0]))
except Exception as e:
print("{:<30}| {:<}".format(i, ""))
except Exception as e:
print("{:<30}| {:<}".format(i, "ERROR OCCURED"))


  How to convert Words into Audio using                                           python

Microphone Sound Editing

Libraries required for the this project 

  • import gTTS

from gtts import gTTS

#importing os to work with file

import os

# a text you want to listen

mytext = '''hello my friend, how was your day.'''

# language you want to listen in

language = 'en'

#passing the text and language to the engine

#here we have marked slow = false to let it speak fast not slow

myobj = gTTS(text=mytext, lang=language, slow=False)

#saving the converted audio in a mp3 file named audio"audio.mp3")

#playing the converted file