In the success of child, his/her parents have a large contribution. Parents are the first teacher of their child ; child learn very fast under the guidance of their parent. From their child , parents have some expectations which they want their child should complete. From this expectation they steadily incline their child to go in that direction, if child is also loving that field  then there's nothing wrong to go with but most of cases the child is wanting a different field and parents want different. This gives rise to conflict between child and parents which affects the bond between parents and child. We are not telling that parents should allow to do whatever child want but in case of career and education this should be considered.
           As a student everyone want to explore their field of interest and make career in that field which make them satisfied and feel them happy.

The favorite  field is the  mountain where student want to climb  as high as they can  . So for parents we will suggest only one thing that in case of any conflict please listen to your child and give him/her chance to explain their choice ,this might change your child's life .


following might make you to think again